Great training facility with very knowledgeable instructors and quality teaching. – Jonnie Monleone


I had the privilege to study martial arts with Teacher Ed Baggott under the guidance of Master Eddie Mugar in the southern Philippines’ island of Mindanao, and also am lucky enough to be able to call him my friend. All I could say is that not only will Teacher Ed be able to teach you the physical aspects of martial arts, but also the components of heart and mind in it as well. A mind and body with a heart will always be a mightier force than just a brute force alone. – Mestipen M. Cheng


Sifu Ed Baggot is a top quality instructor. His teaching style takes advanced techniques and concepts and distills them into training that anyone can execute and understand. I am able to say this as a student and as one who has trained with him over the last two years. – Adrian Boros 


My 9 year old has been doing martial arts at Kuntao for almost two years now and loves it. Master is great with kids and it’s been amazing to watch him teach them skills and focus while also making class fun for them. I highly recommend Kuntao Martial Arts for any family looking for a martial arts program. – Claire Reeder