Kuntao is a Hokkien Chinese term meaning “The Way of the Fist”. The name Kuntao generally refers to martial arts of Chinese influence that have spread and developed throughout Southeast Asia, particularly in the Malay Archipelago (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines).

Our style of Kuntao has been named Koronadal Kuntao by Sifu Adi because he learned it from his teacher, Eddie Canlas Mugar, while living in his family’s home town of Koronadal City, South Cotabato, Philippines.

The basics of this Kuntao style are taught in 56 forms, each form focusing on a specific fighting technique. These 56 forms are subdivided into 5 sets – 8 punches, 16 blocks, 16 kicks, 8 chops, 8 elbows.

100_3103Eddie Canlas Mugar was initially a student of Nestor “Iron Leg” Pulido. He also learned the Tat Kon Tou system of the legendary Jose Go Millan (aka Joe Go) directly from the Grandmaster himself and from some of his leading students. The basics and “Mother Step” of Koronadal Kuntao are largely based upon those of Tat Kon Tou, which in turn draws deeply from the Southern Shaolin style of Ngo Cho Kun, or “Five Ancestors Fist”.